Sunday 11 December 2022

Προσβάσιμο υλικό (βιβλία, ταινίες) από την UNESCO


UNESCO had the great idea to give free access to the global digital library on the Internet.
A beautiful gift to all mankind!
Here's the link: for France. It collects maps, texts, photos, records and films from all ages and explains the jewels and cultural relics of all the world’s libraries, available in seven languages.
Enjoy it and make your circle enjoy it.
And then several links that will be of interest to museum, opera and cinema lovers
- The Fnac has put a selection of 500 free books to download, I'll post the link:
Some cultural sites or shows you can visit from home:
- The Paris National Opera is uploading its shows for free on
- The Metropolitan Opera in New York will air its shows for free
- La Cinémathèque Française offers its 800 masterclasses, essays & video lectures, 500 articles on its collections & programming
- The Image Forum proposes to watch its meetings
- Centre Pompidou: You can listen to podcasts dedicated to works thanks to the Centre Pompidu
- Museums: 10 online museums to visit from your couch
-1150 movies are available on

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